Specialised 1-2-1 support

We provide specialised 1-2-1 support for a variety of needs to both members and non-members.

Aspirations - social and leisure activities

Aspirations has been running for over 20 years, providing a wide range of social and leisure activities for young people and adults from the age of ten upwards.

Parents and carers group

It’s not just people on the autistic spectrum who can benefit from coming together and sharing experiences in our groups.

I AM - a community working with and supporting a wide range of people, aged 10 years and upwards, who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition.

Donations and support


Something for a young person aged 10 to 18 e.g. a youth group session.


Something for 18 + e.g. a support session.


Something for an elderly person e.g. life skills development.

Who we support?

The different terms used to describe the autism spectrum can be confusing and have changed over time. In recent years there have been changes to the systems that professionals use to make a diagnosis and diagnostic categories have changed. The most used term now is Autistic Spectrum Condition.

This means that people who have recently had an assessment are most likely to be given a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Condition.

Our community understands the challenges that ASC can bring. We have the knowledge, experience and passion to help individuals and families work through them towards a happier place with autism as a part of their daily lives.

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Our mission is to create communities of support across Greater Manchester for people on the autistic spectrum which enable personal and professional development.

I AM - Celebrating Autism Greater Manchester

Set up to work with people with a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome or High Functioning Autism.  We only work with people who have had an assessment and received a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Condition (or one of the previously used terms).

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