Events: Alton Towers

The thrilling rides of Alton Towers are a definite favourite with our members and they were very excited to be back. 

Every time we come to Alton Towers, our members rarely stop laughing and smiling. Even though a few of us did jump when we ventured to Curse of Alton Manor, a haunted house which was really gripping and entertaining.

The ride was slower than some at Alton Towers, much to the relief of our support workers, but its definitely creepy and at times it made a few of us jump, which was fun.

It was really enjoyable, and a big part of that was down to the amazing special effects, which really immerse you in the experience. 

A firm favourite and tradition of our members is the Runaway Mine Train ride, which winds around the Katanga Canyon area of the theme park. It isn’t as heart-stopping or as thrilling as the Smiler, Wicker Man, or Nemesis, but it is certainly fun, especially as it runs right next to the Congo River Rapids. We especially love the tunnel, as you dive down into it and feel the cool air from the water from the rapids.  

Like the Runaway Mine Train ride, we rarely take a trip to Alton Towers without going on the splash-tastic Congo River Rapids. 

Drifting along the Katanga Canyon, our members love the stonkingly drenchy surprises as you start spinning and bumping round corners and whirling through tunnels and waterfalls. It really is impossible to stay dry on this ride, and everyone loves it. 

And we always go in the Katanga Cargo Company Shop at the end where you can buy gifts and treats. 

Our members love Alton Towers and once again it will go down as one of the highlights of the year. We can’t wait to go back!

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