I AM Profiles: Mia Farooq

As part of I AM’s mission to celebrate autism with the wider world, we’re happy to present the latest in a series of our ’10 questions with…’ series, this time featuring 10-year-old Mia Farooq who has an older brother who is autistic. 


1. What does autism mean to you?

Autism means someone is extra special, funny and kind. Some people don’t understand autism and they just think autistic children are naughty, but that is not true.

2. Your eldest brother is autistic, what is the most amazing thing about him?

My brother is 16 and has just started college. He is so funny and smart, and he makes his own computer games in no time at all, which is great fun. He makes mobile phone games and has also made a desktop arcade machine using Raspberry Pi. He has also created websites and his own radio station. He also taught himself to play the guitar and keyboard, which he is also teaching me how to play.

3. What do you enjoy doing with your brother?

I really enjoy playing the games that he makes, they are so much fun.

4. What does your brother do that makes you smile and laugh?

He always makes me laugh with the silly voices he does, especially when he pretends to be Boris Johnson.

5. Why do you want to raise money for I AM?

Autism is very close to my heart. It took a very long time for my brother to get an official autism diagnosis and it made him sad for a very long time. But, since he has got the diagnosis, he is much happier, especially since he now gets help and support in college which he sometimes needs. So by raising money for I AM I hope that I will be able to give as many children and adults lots of fun days out with people who understand the day-to-day struggles that autistic people go through.

6. What are you doing to raise money?

I have a Facebook pageant page that I will use to run raffles with special gifts. I will also be hosting online photo competitions where the winner will receive a crown or tiara and a special gift, everyone is welcome to join in. I will also be doing fun days and stall over the next few months.

7. How can people donate money?

People can donate by going to my JustGiving page – https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/miafarooq

I will also be posting on my Facebook page where people will be able to join in the games, raffles and competitions. People can also donate via my PayPal account miafarooq@outlook.com

8. What’s the best thing about Salford?

I love living in Salford. Some people think it is a bad place where there is always bad things happening but that isn’t true. People are friendly and always ready to help each other.

9. What would you like to be when you are older?

I would like to be a nurse so I can help people.

10. Who are your heroes?

My mum is my hero because she does everything for everyone and has shown me how to give back to my community and charities. That is why I have joined Royal Sapphire UK to raise money for my local community and my chosen charity is I AM because my mum taught me it is good to give back to others.

If you or someone you know is interested in taking part in I AM Profiles, please drop us an email at enquiries@i-am-autism.org.uk

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