Look Back At Summer 2021

After spending such a long time apart social distancing during the coronavirus crisis, we had all missed the simple social interactions immensely.

It was amazing to reconnect with friends and get out on our fun summer activities after what felt like an eternity during the arduous last eighteen months of coping with the lockdown and the Covid restrictions.

We enjoyed a gloriously sunny day at Chester Zoo and even though we didn’t have time to see all the 21,000 animals that are housed at the zoo, everyone managed to see all their favourite animals.

On everyone’s list were the fascinating amphibians and invertebrates, the incredibly playful penguins, and the wonderful elephants that were enjoying swimming and playing in the water. Obviously, it wouldn’t have been a proper trip without a bit of spending in the zoo’s gift shop, where we all indulged in a souvenir or two.

One of the highlights of a glorious summer was our charming boat trip down Macclesfield Canal courtesy of The Stockport Canal Boat Trust charity. Everyone noted how relaxing how it was just gently floating peacefully on the New Horizons boat meandering along the waterways, taking in the beautiful scenery of the East Cheshire countryside, and looking at the distinctive Victorian mills and old warehouses along the way.

During the second half of the trip, a number of us were delighted to be given the opportunity to take the controls of the boat and play the role of skipper and captain on the return voyage. By the time we docked, it was hard to get everyone to leave the boat because we had so much fun and were all so relaxed.

We had a brilliant and very sunny day out at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, starting with the nostalgic Alice Ride, a tribute to Alice in Wonderland, which bizarrely plays music from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It was great fun with its Disney-style Cheshire Cat-themed carriages and animatronic models of the popular characters from Lewis Carroll’s classic story, like the White Rabbit, and of course, Alice herself. We were all amazed to find out the ride is almost 60 years old.

The more adventurous and thrill-seekers among us couldn’t get enough of the more white-knuckle rides, and were definitely screaming to go faster! It was a perfect day for both those with an appetite for speed and thrills and those among us who preferred a gentler ride. Everyone left with a smile and memories of a fantastic day that won’t be quickly forgotten.

What a wonderful morning we had with the animals and the lovely outreach team from Noah’s A.R.T. Some of our members were a bit apprehensive at the beginning, but as soon as they started stroking and cuddling the animals, the calming effect was palpable.

The experience was very uplifting and you could certainly see the love and friendship between the animals and our members. By the time we had to bid farewell to the adorable animals and their amazing handlers, no one wanted them to leave.

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