Looking Forwards for 2021

Let’s face it 2020, for many people, was not a great year. In January last year I’m sure we all had some optimism and started to think about what we were hoping to achieve. Whether your goals were big or small we all had “a bit of a plan” about what we hoped to do, then Covid-19 came along, and life changed beyond all recognition.

Without a doubt we will have learned a lot last year not just about how to wash our hands whilst singing Happy Birthday, or exactly how far 2 meters is, but also about our own resilience to get through difficult times and also our ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. This is important learning that we can take with us as we move forwards. But now, although things are still really tough, it is important to rekindle that sense of optimism.

Setting some goals for the year ahead is a good way to give us focus and help us to move forward in our lives. Goals don’t need to be huge and daunting, in fact sometimes the simpler a goal is the better. Small goals can act as building blocks to larger more ambitious ones.

Goals should be SMART

  • Specific – Something like “I would like to get fit” isn’t specific enough but “by September I would like to be able to jog 2k” is.
  • Measurable – If the goal is specific its easier to see when it has been achieved and to plan and chart your progress towards it
  • Achievable – If the goal isn’t achievable then you are simply setting yourself up to be disappointed and maybe feel worse, so making sure it is an achievable goal for you is important.
  • Relevant – Small goals should help you towards bigger goals, so maybe one day you might like to run a half marathon and starting off with being able to jog 2k by September is definitely part of that process.
  • Time constrained – Someday, is probably not going to happen so identifying a reasonable time frame is important but this needs to be a realistic time frame.

Here at I AM we encourage everyone to have goals and aspirations and we work hard to help individuals achieve their goals whatever they might be.

A Jar of Dreams is a good way to help yourself to identify your own goals and aspirations.

These goals or dreams can be anything you like but try to think about things that are achievable. They might be going to the park, joining a group activity, making a new friend, meeting up with old friends, going to a concert, going to the pub.

The next thing to do is to write these down on pieces of paper and put them in a real jar or a box or somewhere else that keeps them safe and in one place.

Then pull one out and think about and plan how you are going to achieve this goal, what do you need to do to make it happen, when are you going to do these things, who do you need support from to help your goal become a reality. I AM Key Workers could help you with this process by providing one to one support and a personal plan.

From time to time revisit these goals, dreams and aspirations and see how much you have achieved and maybe add new ones as well when you have achieved some.
If you want to keep your dreams to yourself that’s ok but why not share them with us so we can work with you to help you to achieve them.

For more information about what we do contact enquiries@i-am-autism.org.uk or give us a call on 0161 866 8483

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