I have worked in the field of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities for over 25 years. During this time, I have had the privilege of working with many neurodiverse people from all walks of life From CEOs and Directors of huge companies through to young children and those in prison. I am passionate about supporting all individuals to achieve their potential.

Likes:  Dogs and all things countryside
Dislikes: Injustice and inequality in all its forms
Favourite colour: Blue
Interesting fact: I have delivered training at 10 Downing Street!

I AM…. Fun loving, hardworking, considerate.

Email helen.boden@i-am-autism.org.uk


Accountant with a degree in mediaeval history! Worked for many years in both non-profits and commercial (advertising) business before coming to I AM, 3 years ago. Can turn my hand to many things not related to accountancy – e.g. unjamming photocopiers and programming central heating.

Likes:  Gardening, gentle cycling, walking, choral singing
Dislikes: Chilli peppers, large spiders
Favourite colour:Blue
Interesting fact: Been on TV as a judge in a competition for small businesses and also in an Open University training course for start-up businesses.

I AM…. Keen on getting the detail right and generally keeping systems going, in between trying to amuse people.

Email finance@i-am-autism.org.uk


I started work with ASGMA as a casual support worker doing youth clubs
and 1-2-1 and then became a keyworker working with the 18+, after a few years I became the team leader, but I still get to do some fun stuff with the members like DVD night, and some great activities.

Likes: Shopping, eating out
Dislikes: The countdown to Christmas
Favourite colour: Blue
Interesting fact: I was on a children’s television show when I was 10 years old singing, this may be a surprise as most of you know.

I AM…. Tone deaf !!

Email wendy.griffin@i-am-autism.org.uk


Having worked in the third sector for over 20 years, in various roles, I am awe struck by the breadth and depth of its impact across the world, and I am proud to be just one cog in that wheel. I AMs future plans are so exciting, and I look forward to being a part of that.
I am a qualified member of The Institute of Fundraising; M.Inst.F. (cert) and abide by their code of ethics and practice. I have worked For I AM since April 2020 as their fundraiser.

Likes:  Red wine, cheese and onion crisps, and a sense of humour, preferably all at the same time
Dislikes: Unfairness and injustice
Favourite colour: Green – natures colour
Interesting fact: I spent 6 weeks backpacking all over Europe, paid for by pulling pints at Butlin`s, Bognor Regis, in the Princes Ballroom. Only a 19-year-old would choose to travel from Manchester to Bognor Regis, when she could have gone to Blackpool!

I AM…. Open minded, I hope, a bit of a Polly Anna always looking for the good in people, but instinctively championing the underdog.

Email Alison.cordingley@i-am-autism.org.uk


I started working at ASGMA in January 2019, in the role of Autism Keyworker. Before that I have worked in the Autistic community for around 10 years doing a number of different support roles from casual staff to cluster manager of 4 residential units and a day service.

Likes:  Loud music, live music, motorbikes, and tattoos
Dislikes: Jelly
Favourite colour:I can’t choose between black and purple
Interesting fact: I went to Circus school to learn how to fire breathe.

I AM…. Easy going, understanding, funny (or try to be)

Email Antony.skeech@i-am-autism.org.uk


Since leaving school, I have had a varied career. Ranging from Support Worker with various client groups, Residential Social Worker, Fashion Shop Manager, Hearing Aid Technician, I also qualified as a hairdresser.

Likes: Socialising, DIY projects, sowing, gardening, fashion, music, travelling.
Dislikes: Tea… I am a coffee lover
Favourite colour: The rainbow! I love many different colours, so I do not have a favourite
Interesting fact: My friend and I opened a ladies fashion boutique in 1996 based in Stockport called “Ellle Diablo”

I AM…. Caring, kind, compassionate, fun, creative and committed.

Email Samantha.coates@i-am-autism.co.uk


I previously worked for 10 years in an educational setting. Where I developed my passion for working with children who have special educational needs.

Likes:  Camping/ being outdoors eg bike riding, climbing mountains. Reading/sewing/ crochet.
Dislikes: Rollercoasters
Favourite colour: Pink
Interesting fact: I was an extra on coronation street

I AM…. Super organised – kind-caring-creative and hardworking

Email amanda@i-am-autism.org.uk

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