Since leaving school, I’ve always worked in management positions, starting out in retail, moving through project management and into change management consulting. I’ve written four books on the subject and have trained and educated people across the globe.

Likes:  Composing music, writing, woodworking, cooking, foraging
Dislikes: Grated carrot
Favourite colour: Custard (and my favourite word is custardy)
Interesting fact: I wrote a half-hour episode of “The Bill”

I AM…. Thoughtful, supportive, hard-working, and optimistic.



Accountant with a degree in mediaeval history! Worked for many years in both non-profits and commercial (advertising) business before coming to I AM, 3 years ago. Can turn my hand to many things not related to accountancy – e.g. unjamming photocopiers and programming central heating.

Likes:  Gardening, gentle cycling, walking, choral singing
Dislikes: Chilli peppers, large spiders
Favourite colour:Blue
Interesting fact: Been on TV as a judge in a competition for small businesses and also in an Open University training course for start-up businesses.

I AM…. Keen on getting the detail right and generally keeping systems going, in between trying to amuse people.



I started work with ASGMA as a casual support worker doing youth clubs
and 1-2-1 and then became a keyworker working with the 18+, after a few years I became the team leader, but I still get to do some fun stuff with the members like DVD night, and some great activities.

Likes: Shopping, eating out
Dislikes: The countdown to Christmas
Favourite colour: Blue
Interesting fact: I was on a children’s television show when I was 10 years old singing, this may be a surprise as most of you know.

I AM…. Tone deaf !!



Having worked in the third sector for over 20 years, in various roles, I am awe struck by the breadth and depth of its impact across the world, and I am proud to be just one cog in that wheel. I AMs future plans are so exciting, and I look forward to being a part of that.
I am a qualified member of The Institute of Fundraising; M.Inst.F. (cert) and abide by their code of ethics and practice. I have worked For I AM since April 2020 as their fundraiser.

Likes:  Red wine, cheese and onion crisps, and a sense of humour, preferably all at the same time
Dislikes: Unfairness and injustice
Favourite colour: Green – natures colour
Interesting fact: I spent 6 weeks backpacking all over Europe, paid for by pulling pints at Butlin`s, Bognor Regis, in the Princes Ballroom. Only a 19-year-old would choose to travel from Manchester to Bognor Regis, when she could have gone to Blackpool!

I AM…. Open minded, I hope, a bit of a Polly Anna always looking for the good in people, but instinctively championing the underdog.



I started working at ASGMA in January 2019, in the role of Autism Keyworker. Before that I have worked in the Autistic community for around 10 years doing a number of different support roles from casual staff to cluster manager of 4 residential units and a day service.

Likes:  Loud music, live music, motorbikes, and tattoos
Dislikes: Jelly
Favourite colour:I can’t choose between black and purple
Interesting fact: I went to Circus school to learn how to fire breathe.

I AM…. Easy going, understanding, funny (or try to be)



Since leaving school, I have had a varied career. Ranging from Support Worker with various client groups, Residential Social Worker, Fashion Shop Manager, Hearing Aid Technician, I also qualified as a hairdresser.

Likes: Socialising, DIY projects, sowing, gardening, fashion, music, travelling.
Dislikes: Tea… I am a coffee lover
Favourite colour: The rainbow! I love many different colours, so I do not have a favourite
Interesting fact: My friend and I opened a ladies fashion boutique in 1996 based in Stockport called “Ellle Diablo”

I AM…. Caring, kind, compassionate, fun, creative and committed.



I previously worked for 10 years in an educational setting. Where I developed my passion for working with children who have special educational needs.

Likes:  Camping/ being outdoors eg bike riding, climbing mountains. Reading/sewing/ crochet.
Dislikes: Rollercoasters
Favourite colour: Pink
Interesting fact: I was an extra on coronation street

I AM…. Super organised – kind-caring-creative and hardworking


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