Outreach Support Service

We know that sometimes everyone needs help and support to achieve their personal goals and live happy independent lives.

I AM provides a flexible outreach service that meets the individual needs of people with autism by providing specialist personalised support. Our flexible, person-centred outreach service is autism-specific and can provide you with 1:1 or 2:1 Support Worker/s. Access to Transport.

I-AM has been working with and supporting individuals who are autistic for over 50 years. We can bring this wealth of practical knowledge and experience directly to you through our outreach service.

This service is completely tailored and bespoke to suit individual needs and delivered by our dedicated teams of practitioners. It might be that you would like support with a particular task or activity such as a dentist, doctors or other types of appointments. Or you might like support with things that you want to do but feel anxious about such as using public transport, shopping, going for a walk, having a haircut, or a meal out or even trying something completely new.

It may simply be you are feeling alone, isolated and overwhelmed and would like to just have a chat with someone who understands how you feel face to face in your own environment.

I-AM can help. Our outreach support service is available to any individual 10 years old or over with a diagnosis of autism.

Our expert Key Workers understand the challenges that individuals who are autistic experience and can work with you to achieve your personal goals however large or small they might be.

About the Outreach Support Service

Here at I AM, we are passionate about individuals being empowered to live independent and fulfilling lives and where individuals are able to achieve their aspirations and goals.

We do though recognise that some individuals who are autistic, may sometimes experience particular challenges and anxieties about undertaking certain tasks or activities.

This service is designed with this in mind.

Individuals can use the service to resolve short term challenges or overcome anxiety. Individuals can simply access the service as and when they need it through our straightforward booking process.

Individuals can easily access the support they need when they need it.

To find out more:

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Download an Outreach Pre-activity Questionnaire here
If you cannot find the services or support you are looking for in this brochure please get in touch to discuss your needs and we can design something bespoke for you.  ADMIN@I-AM-AUTISM.ORG.UK or call 0161 866 8483
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