Social and Leisure Activities

Social and Leisure Activities

Wellbeing is fundamental to our health and happiness. I AM offers a range of inclusive social and leisure activities for supporting people on the autistic spectrum. Our aim is to promote an active lifestyle and foster connections. We create enjoyable experiences while nurturing meaningful connections, and empower members to lead happier, healthier lives.

The Benefits

Inclusive and Supportive Environment

Our social and leisure activities aim to foster inclusivity and support, reducing feelings of isolation, anxiety, and stress. This environment encourages comfortable social engagement and interactions.

Building Friendships

Our social and leisure activities help cultivate meaningful connections based on shared interests, fostering a deep sense of belonging, while also supporting social and emotional growth.

Enhancing Life Skills

Our social and leisure activities offer opportunities to develop practical life skills, such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. These experiences empower autistic individuals to navigate daily challenges more confidently and independently.

Our Process

Step 1 - Contact Us

You call us or send us an email.

Step 2 -

We invite you in for a chat.

Step 3 - Membership

Become a member.

Step 4 - Booking

Book on activities.

Step 5 -
Have Fun

Enjoy yourself and have fun.

What our members say

"I love coming here because it’s such a great place to be. You feel a sense of belonging, surrounded by people who share similar interests and experiences."
"It's a place where I can feel really happy and at the same time, free from the fear of negative judgment, unlike in previous environments."
"The twenty years I've spent coming here have shown me that I'm not as bad as I once thought. I've realised that I'm not as harsh on myself as I used to be."

Why I AM?

Finding the right social and leisure activities can be a challenge for autistic individuals and their families. At I AM, we understand these unique needs and are here to provide tailored solutions that foster engagement, enjoyment, and community connections.

Our social and leisure activities, guided by autism specialists, create an inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy and participate. We focus on building connections, promoting friendships, and enhancing social skills, confidence, and well-being. Designed to support both individuals and families, our programmes strengthen bonds and enrich lives.

We offer social clubs, leisure events, and workshops,  to connect, grow, and support autistic individuals and their families. 

Join I AM today and discover inclusive activities that inspire a healthier, happier life.

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