The Challenges of Home Schooling

Here at I AM we are hearing all the time from parents who are struggling with the challenges of home schooling at the moment.

Overload of work, lack of differentiation in the work to be completed, emotional meltdowns, frustration and fractured relationships, and that’s just us parents!

Expecting parents to deliver education when balancing the needs of home, siblings and often work is a huge ask in any world but combine this with ASC and a whole new dimension is added to the mix. Then we then see, seemingly “super parents” on our social media feeds happily joining in with a morning workout, delivering a full curriculum and all whilst fully dressed and looking glamorous.

We also, however, hear from parents whose children are fully embracing home schooling and who are thriving with the removal of the sensory and communication challenges that come with the school environment. But equally, for those in this situation, there is a nagging anxiety about the potential challenges associated with getting these children back into school when the time comes.

To support parents, we are holding a Training/Information session for parents – Practical Strategies for Parents – Home schooling & Autism. This session will be delivered by one of our expert I AM Key Workers and will be an honest and straightforward session that explores the challenges that people are experiencing and shares some Top Tips.

The sessions will cover

  • Common Features of Autism
  • Behavioural challenges
  • Harnessing the Positive Characteristics of ASC
  • Finding and using the positives of Home-schooling
  • Common challenges
  • Top Tips for Home-schooling

We hope this session will also provide an opportunity to connect parents with each other, you are not alone in your struggles and sometimes it helps to connect with others in the same situation even if it’s just to offload and decompress.

To book onto this session follow this link. Practical Strategies for Parents – Homeschooling and Autism Tickets, Thu 4 Feb 2021 at 19:00 | Eventbrite

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