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In a rapidly evolving business landscape, understanding and addressing the unique needs of your workforce is paramount to success. Our tailored Workplace Needs Services offer a practical, efficient, cost-effective solution to propel your organisation forward.

Workplace Needs Assessment

Enhancing the rich diversity of skills and knowledge that individuals contribute to the workplace is a priority for us. To achieve this goal, we aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of the work environment and identify and address any obstacles that individuals may face.

The purpose of conducting a Workplace Needs Assessment is to gain insights into the challenges that an employee is encountering due to a neurodivergent condition. Our approach involves collaborating closely with each employee and their manager to identify specific obstacles affecting their daily work. Following this, we offer tailored recommendations for reasonable adjustments, ranging from the utilisation of Assistive Technology to accessing the environment or specific workplace strategy coaching. Our commitment extends to supporting both employers and employees throughout the process, ensuring a positive and effective experience.

The Benefits

Benefit 1

We excel in conducting Workplace Needs Assessments, consistently delivering impartial and precise findings along with actionable recommendations.

Benefit 2

We boast a team of industry-recognised experts and have collaborated with various organisations to provide comprehensive Workplace Needs Assessments and tailored solutions.

Benefit 3

It is widely accepted that neurodivergent conditions overlap and co-occur. Our team can address issues for a range of neurodivergent conditions. In this way, we can provide a person-centred and holistic assessment of individual needs.

Our Process


Our initial phase involves our Workplace Needs Assessor performing an unbiased assessment to pinpoint effective solutions for addressing workplace challenges faced by employees with neurodivergent conditions. This comprehensive evaluation encompasses a detailed analysis of various facets of an employee's role, encompassing strengths, challenges, the working environment, and work practices.


Following that, our Workplace Needs Assessor will compile a comprehensive report elucidating both the strengths and challenges encountered by the employee. The report will also provide recommendations for reasonable adjustments, encompassing potential solutions such as specialised equipment, assistive technology, training, coaching, and modifications to working practices and processes.


We will guide and support both employers and employees throughout the entire process. This includes providing unbiased and expert advice and guidance, delivering training and coaching, if required, and offering ongoing advice and support.

Customers reviews

"I am impressed with the exceptional professionalism and timeliness of the service. As an independent social worker, I consider this I AM and their staff to be outstanding, setting a high standard in the industry."
Adam Furness
"The Workplace Needs Assessment was very professional and relaxed. My assessor was very calm and patient throughout the process, allowing plenty of time for thorough discussions. I highly recommend this assessment experience."
Jessica Wilcox
"Upon initial engagement, the I AM team promptly grasped our requirements, conducted a thorough workplace needs assessment, and presented a comprehensive set of practical actions and recommendations tailored to real-life scenarios."
Mike Sendler

Why I AM?

We understand that every workplace is unique, and one-size-fits-all solutions may not be effective. Our organization takes a customised approach to workplace needs assessments, considering the specific challenges and goals of your organisation. 

We value open communication and actively involve key stakeholders ensuring that the results are not only accurate but also reflect the collective input of those who understand the intricacies of your organisation best.

Our organisation goes beyond merely identifying problems – we provide holistic solutions that consider long-term sustainability and growth.

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